ARISS-contact of ITIS Enrico Fermi / Lucca-Italy

ARISS-contact of ITIS Enrico Fermi / Lucca-Italy

On May 9th 2015 the Technical Institute ITIS Enrico Fermi in Lucca / Italy made a successful contact with Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoferetti (IZ0UDF) on board of the International-Space-Station ISS.

This contact was part of the ARISS-project (Amateur Radio on the International Space Station). If you want to learn more about the ARISS-project or about upcoming contacts, read here: WWW.ARISS.ORG


The tracking-equipment used was a 2x 9-element yagi-antenna, a G-5500 rotator and an ERC-M-interface


The antenna and rotator


The ground-station with ERC-M

The ERC-M used in the ground-station is normally part of the EME-station of Gabriele (IK5VLS), who will also go to an EME-DXpedition soon using the same tracking system..


The successful team of ITIS Enrico Fermi