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Shipping- and packaging-costs

The following shipping costs will be added if you order in our shop:


<2.0 Kg7.90 Euro
<5.0 Kg10.10 Euro
< 10.0 Kg13.10 Euro
< 31.5 Kg22.60 Euro


< 0.5 Kg9.10 Euro
< 1.0 Kg13.00 Euro
< 2.0 Kg18.60 Euro
< 5.0 Kg22.00 Euro
< 10.0 Kg28.00 Euro


< 0.5 Kg9.10 Euro
< 1.0 Kg13.00 Euro
< 2.0 Kg24.90 Euro
< 5.0 Kg48.80 Euro
< 10.0 Kg69.20 Euro

These shipping costs are not valid if you buy through our distributors.
If you order at one of our distributors, the shipping- and packaging-costs will be determined by our distributors during the purchase in their shops.


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