Interface selection-guide

Interface selection-guide


As we provide interfaces for almost 100 different rotators it might be confusing to choose the right one suitable for the  individual setup of a station. This selection-guide should help.


If you want to control 2 rotators (AZ&EL or DUAL-AZ) or if you need a LAN-interface than choose ERC-M

  • ERC-M comes as a kit or ready-assembled and tested
  • USB or RS232-interface
  • optional LAN-interface (XPORT) to be assembled onto the ERC-M
  • Additional enclosures available (Slimline-case or Desktop-housing with LCD and push-buttons)
  • ERC-M is compatible to all rotators from the rotator-list for ERC-M. Any combination of 2 rotators can be choosen.

If you want to control 1 azimuth-rotator you can choose between ERC Version 4 or ERC-Mini

ERC Version 4 is a universal interface with relay-outputs

  • ERC Version 4 comes as a kit
  • USB or RS232
  • ERC Version 4 is compatible to all rotators in the azimuth-rotator-list for ERC Version 4
ERC-Mini is especially designed for rotators with a remote-connector
  • ERC-Mini comes ready-assembled and tested as a PCB or in a housing
  • USB
  • ERC-Mini is compatible to all rotators in the azimuth-rotator-list for ERC-Mini
  • ERC-Mini SDX is compatible to Yaesu/Kenpro type SDX and will be mounted as a PCB directly into the rotator-control-box
  • all other ERC-Minis come in an aluminium-enclosere
    • Create with 6-pin DIN-connector
    • Emotator with 5-pin DIN connector
    • Yaesu/Kenpro type DXA or DXC with 6-pin Mini-DIN