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*** Shipment Restrictions outside Europe ***

Please note, that there are several restrictions regarding shipment due to the Corona-crisis.
We cannot ship to every country outside of Europe or we may need to take a more expensive way for shipment to reach a specific destination.
We cannot list all the restrictions here as they are changing on a daily base.
You may ask for shipping-restrictions prior to your order.
Anyhow we will inform you about restrictions and refund the payment in case we cannot ship to the agreed shipping-costs or cannot ship at all.

Sorry for the inconvinience.

ERC-products are available for USA & Canada exclusively at VIBROPLEX

Easy-Rotor-Control (ERC)

are the innovative and easy to build Rotor-Interfaces for almost any Rotator and Software for DX-hunting, Contesting, Remote-Control, SAT, EME, WX.
Our Customer-Support and the Continous Improvement of our products guarantee that you have Fun building and installing our products.

Our products are rated 4.9 at eHam.net


We offer 3 productlines:


ERC Version 4 is a single-axis interface for azimuth-rotators. It is compatible to all azimuth-rotators in the Rotator-guide.

  • USB- or RS232-interface
  • relay-output
  • available as kit or assembled and tested

ERC VERSION 4, USB Bausatz ERC VERSION 4, RS232 Bausatz ERC VERSION 4 SMD, USB bestückt und getestet

ERC-Mini  is a single-axis interface for azimuth-rotators. It is compatible to Yeasu/Kenpro azimuth-rotators with a remote-connector.

  • USB-interface
  • open-collector outputs
  • 4-stage speed-control
  • available for Yaesu/Kenpro SDX,DXA,DXC
  • available as assembled and tested

ERC-M is a dual-axis interface for use with a single azimuth-rotator, an azimuth&elevation-setup or a dual-azimuth-setup (2 azimuth-rotators with one interface) It is compatible to all rotators in the Rotator-guide.

  • USB- or RS232-interface
  • optional LAN-interface
  • open-collector-ouputs
  • optional Rotorcards to provide relay-outputs
  • optional housings
  • available as kit or assembled and tested

ERC-M USB Bausatz ERC-M RS232 Bausatz ERC-M SMD bestückt und getestet

Slimline-case Kit for ERC-M Desktop-housing AZ/EL Kit for ERC-M Rotorcard Kit for ERC-M

LAN-option Kit for ERC-M

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