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You can use ERC-M to directly connect to the control-boxes that have a remote-connector or to (most) any other rotators (including homebrew-systems) by use of rotorcards. Any combination of rotators is valid. Please check our Rotator-guide to clarify if you need a connector or a rotorcard.

Included with the ERC-M USB kit:

  • Kit with all components to build the ERC-M.
  • DSUB-15 connector to connect the rotator(s) or rotor-card(s).
  • USB-cable.
  • Instructions how to build the ERC-M.
  • Installationguide for more than 90 rotators (including use of rotorcards).
  • Service-Tool (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64bit) for configuration and calibration.
  • Rotor-Control Software (Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32 and 64bit)

There are no rotor-specific connectors or housing included in the kit. You will find connectors for certain rotators in the category Cables&Connectors.

Optional accesories (see category Accessories):

  • Rotorcard
  • LAN-Option
  • Slimline-case
  • Desktop-housing with LCD, LEDs and keyboard


  • Size of printed board : 80mm x 65mm.
  • Supply-voltage : 12 - 14 VDC, max 10mA (without options), protected against wrong polarization or USB-powered.
  • Operating-temperature : 0 to 70.
  • 2 measuring-circuit for the rotator-feedback-voltage : 0 to +15 V, Input-Impedance > 250 KOhm.
  • Resolution : 10bit.
  • Software-driven calibration with calibration-assistant.
  • Dual axis interface for Azimuth only, Azimuth&Elevation or DUAL Azimuth.
  • Full support for rotators with overlap up to +/-180.
  • Extended calibration every 5(EL) or 30(AZ) to compensate non-linearities of the rotator-feedback-voltage.
  • Security-stop, if the rotators doesn´t move within 8 sec.
  • Outputs-circuits : each axis has open-collector-outputs for CW(UP), CCW(DOWN), AUX(speed or brake) and AUX-reverse
  • Communication-port: USB with FTDI-chipset. Baudrate configurable 4800-9600-19200-38400 Baud
  • Controller with bootloader.
  • ERC is compatible to a subset of the following protocols :
    • Hygain DCU-1 with extension for position-feedback
    • Yaesu GS232A with extension for DUAL-Azimuth (by VE2DX)
    • Yaesu GS232B with extension for DUAL-Azimuth (by VE2DX)
  • Programs with which ERC-M has been checked successfully : see Software-guide
  • Compatible rotators (including use of rotorcards): see Rotator-guide
  • Firmware supported features:
    • delay before rotator starts moving
    • programmable end stops
    • antenna offset
    • overshoot-correction
    • support of overlap up to 180
    • speed- or brake-function for AUX-output
    • speed function by angle or delay
    • extended Calibration azimuth every 30, elevation every 5
    • tolerance of position for tracking-mode
    • software-calibration
    • save and load of all calibration- and configuration-data
  • More details are available in the specification-sheet in the File-section below.

RoHS : ERC-M and the components used are according to the EG-directive 2002/95/EG to avoid usage of hazardous substances in electronic equipment.


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